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Automated Car Parking System
Automated Parking System can park more cars in less space than conventional parking systems because the cars are moved by machines. It can be parked all of cars in less space.

No one is opening doors into your car. This reduces the nicks and scratches normally received from parking. The engines do not run after they enter the parking facility, which significantly reduces pollution. There is also increased safety as there is no need for anyone to go into a dark garage.

The modern computer operated parking lots of today are extremely reliable, cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly. It has been designed into landmark structures leaving all outside walls original.

How Automated Car Parking Works?

  • Drive the car into the Entrance of Automated Car Parking System and park on the pallet
  • Multiple automatic sensors ensure that the car is properly positioned for parking
  • The computerized control system rotates the car and pallet 180 degrees so the car is facing forward when
    it is retrieved
  • The Car Lift is going up taking the car and pallet to an upper level
  • Car is transferred by another carrier that moves it laterally into an open space
  • The car and its pallet are moved to the designated parking space.

Automated Parking System

Free Parking Garage(Steel Frame works)

Construction method by Steel structures and Floor Deck

Steel Structure Fabrication


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